Pre-sale analysis, design, implementation and integration of IT and communication services for large corporations and operators.

Customer Solutions

End-to-end management of ICT solutions

At Arca, as we're experts in managing complex projects for operators, we have taken two further steps: managing projects on behalf of operators for companies, and managing all types of telecoms projects directly for large corporations.

Operators trust us with the responsibility of transferring their services to their end customers, so the level of demand for Arca is two-fold.

Satisfaction comes from the high quality of services rendered, strict compliance with the agreed terms and perfect coordination with our customers.

Based on the catalogue of solutions that Operators offer Key Account Customers, SMEs and individuals in the field of ICT, here at Arca we provide end-to-end management of said solutions.

Starting by analysing the end customer's needs and ending with the acceptance tests of the service delivered, at Arca we prepare and supply equipment (terminals, routers, switchboards, etc.), implement the required services and accesses, and also deal with the communication, monitoring, planning and risk management of any solution under our responsibility.

For large corporations, we can design, manage, implement, audit or operate all types of telecoms solutions.

In telecoms, the future is today.

Project management

Requirements capture and solution analysis. Theoretical feasibility and solution design. Project monitoring, risk management, monitoring of access operations and services.

Pre-sale theoretical feasibility

Theoretical feasibility study with candidate search, technical analysis of access and economic study (type of equipment and infrastructure required) for voice and data services.

Implementation of accesses

Analysis, design and implementation of accesses in fibre optics, radio link, 3G / 4G, DSL, private networks, Tetra, HFC, FTTH, and international connectivity between venues.

Implementation of services

Analysis, design and implementation of Internet services, VPN MPLS, SDN, Cloud Server, Google Apps, VSDM, Office 365, Intranet, Instant Messaging, VoIP, primaries, mobility services.

Sales operations

We support commercial operating processes: training, sales or programme tracking, incentive management, pre-sales support, drafting of proposals, sales force management, sales audits, point-of-sale management, etc.