Cutting-edge solutions for engineering challenges: End-to-end service - from design to advanced optimisation - for fixed and mobile networks and television.


Future-thinking solutions for engineering challenges

Today's engineering challenges call for end-to-end solutions, and here at Arca we provide any type of engineering service: design, planning, optimisation, radio, transmission, fixed access, core, TV, virtual networks, and so on.

We combine the most cutting-edge methodologies on the market with our own processes and tools in the quest for efficiency in quality, time and production costs.

We adapt to the different working models of our customers, but we can also propose an installation methodology that optimises the implementation of designs with subsequent integration into the customer's systems through our operations division.

In pursuit of the ultimate end-customer experience, our projects are tailored to the customer's perceived value, rather than a network KPI. To achieve this, we have systems and partnership agreements with the most advanced companies in the industry.

In telecoms, the future is today.

RF design

Flexibility and speed are two key elements in the implementation of new access technologies. At Arca, we adopt an approach that anticipates future demand with the view to guaranteeing services in the long term. Anticipating and tailoring network settings to the customer's needs is the hallmark of Arca.

TX design

The transmission network must guarantee connectivity from the access network to the core. At Arca, fully aware of this determining factor, we implement the most appropriate solutions to each context (fibre, Rx connections, leased lines, IP/Ethernet, etc.). And always aligned with the customer's strategy.

Network optimisation

Services evolve. Customers have new demands. Networks must move at the same pace, even ahead of it. Constant changes that call for a quick response to offer new services efficiently. The combination of our experience with an ecosystem of technological partners allows Arca to offer a globalised focus to business.

Customer experience

User experience is key to our customers. Arca optimises networks by measuring the quantity and quality of coverage: drive testing, indoor testing, traffic injection robots, active and passive probing, etc. All in the quest for better performance and user experience.

Television and monitoring services

Knowing about network operation at all times is paramount. That's why constant monitoring is vital. Always with an eye on the end-to-end network set, each component and each element has to be measured. Ongoing control and auditing is what makes our approach stand out.


We move in a highly competitive, demanding and ever-changing environment: network quality is not a sufficient analysis vector to ensure user satisfaction. Independent comparisons of the different service providers prove to be a fundamental tool for making strategic decisions and better understanding the customer's perception within the market.