Consulting, infrastructure engineering, construction and installation services for the deployment of fixed and mobile telecoms networks.


Our great experience, team and connections endorse us

Since 1998, we've been working with operators deploying thousands of nodes and kilometres of fibre, building up trust with our customers and growing day by day, and including turnkey projects when required.

The confidence in Arca's infrastructure services is underpinned by the vast amount of deployments successfully completed in terms of time and budget, all with exceptional health and safety guarantees in the projects carried out.

At Arca, we take care of designing optimal construction and installation solutions, piecing together the entire chain to secure excellence in quality, timings and costs in a turnkey project management model.

We cover all the activities required for the deployment or management of telecoms infrastructures: preliminary theoretical design, data collection, on-site layout, project writing, project management, final completion documentation, civil engineering, facilities, coordination, OHS consulting, elaboration of radio spectrum projects, etc.

In telecoms, the future is today.

Construction of telecoms networks

Construction and/or installation of new mobile stations (civil engineering, structures, electrical installations, etc.) and fixed stations (civil engineering, laying of ducts and sub-ducts, laying of fibre, activation, etc.).

Preparation of sites

Preparation of existing sites to accommodate new equipment
Installation and commissioning of radio, transmission and power equipment.

Infrastructure audits

On-site inspection of infrastructure/equipment and inventory of installed equipment and existing infrastructure.
Report on status of infrastructure and equipment.
Verification/update of information available in tools.

Telecoms installations

We install, upon request, telecoms equipment: transmission equipment (optical transmission, Rx connections, DWDM, headends, etc.); radio equipment (mobile network nodes, special designs, repeaters, WiFi, etc.); and fixed network equipment (headends, distribution nodes, etc.).

Health and safety coordination

Functions of Health and Safety Coordinator as reflected in Spanish Royal Decree 1627/97, both for works with technical project and for works without technical project whereby this role is necessary due to tendering and/or outsourcing.

Occupational health and safety

Consulting, management (coordination of business activities between main company and customers, risk assessment and OHS planning) and preparation of documentation (OHS plans, prevention plans, airport safety plans) with regard to occupational health and safety.

Radio certifications

Analysis, calibration and preparation of a radio emission study pursuant to Spanish Royal Decree 1066/2001: Type A certification for new installations, annual certification of exposure levels (types B, C and D); replacement service provider certification and preparation of IT service plans.

Turnkey project management

Turnkey project management encompassing all the areas involved: radio and transmission design; site sourcing; licence management; construction and installation engineering; construction, installation and integration of all elements into the network.

Telecoms infrastructure

Engineering for the construction/installation of base stations and for the deployment of fibre networks (FTTH, FTTN, etc.): data acquisition and stakeout and definition of paths; civil engineering design; preliminary plans; construction project; management of permits and licences; project management; unracking projects; and as-built, environmental and electrical project documentation.