Commissioning, integration, configuration, operation, monitoring and maintenance of telecoms networks and systems for Operator, as well as CPE for end Customer.


Quality operation is the guarantee of an excellent service

The optimal performance of Operations tasks means that the end customer has a great perception of the service. Efficient management has a huge impact on cutting down support costs.

Arca, capable of carrying out the entire operating cycle, is in the best of situations to achieve this optimisation.

The Operations Department of Arca provides the services required to start up all kinds of radio, transmission, telecoms core network, and television equipment. It also configures and integrates customer CPEs on which all types of services are run.

The Maintenance Department provides support services and monitors networks and services, as well as troubleshooting and resolving incidents during their life cycle. What's more, we work on the operation of SDN/NFV virtual networks.

In telecoms, the future is today.

Configuration and integration of nodes

Implementation of 2G, 3G and 4G radio access equipment for telecoms operators. This involves generating configuration files of the node, definition of nodes in the OSS, testing and node integration, alarm resolution, and initial KPI reporting.

Configuration and integration of transmission routes and equipment

Service aimed at setting up E2E access routes for network nodes, corporate clients, etc. Based on transmission designs, the network elements are configured for the generation and commissioning of the route.

Digital TV

Quality assurance: validation of digital TV solutions, applications, set-top boxes, etc. in multicast and unicast environments. Monitoring and support of DTV systems: monitoring and supervision of network elements and service, as well as troubleshooting and resolution of incidents.

Configuration and integration of CPEs

Configuration and integration of CPE for corporate and residential customers for the provision of all types of voice and data services.

Network monitoring and troubleshooting

We have a 24x7 NOC from which we offer level 1 and level 2 telecoms network monitoring services for preventive and reactive detection, investigation and troubleshooting.