Transformation and efficiency

Business support, PMO, optimisation of operational processes, scorecard design, implementation and generation of business processes.

Transformation and Efficiency

Each euro invested in process optimisation has a guaranteed return

Our customers expect best-in-class operations from us, as well as the transformation required to be leaders in their respective markets. It's not just about metrics and SLAs; it's a question of optimising the resources available to give more for less.

With the experience of working along the entire value chain, at Arca we're able to identify and head up the operational transformation that secures excellence when implemented.

What's more, in an era when data is fundamental for company growth and the profitability of deployed processes, capturing it, designing its presentation and tracking it for decision-making processes are all specialities in which Arca boasts vast experience.

Data related to the fixed, mobile and television businesses captured from the network using the most innovative systems makes business processes much more efficient for companies.

In telecoms, the future is today.

Analysis of operating processes

We approach process analysis using a pre-defined methodology successfully tested with several of our customers in different countries. We analyse and propose executable action plans and improvements, from far-reaching processes to specific operational problems, using internationally-renowned professionals.


We design technical, business or economic scorecards that streamline decision-making in a world where it's difficult for us to digest information. Interactive and online customer systems that facilitate real-time decisions. We execute these systems when data capture is complex, multi-source and multi-format.

Business processes

Development, design and operation of business support processes that make life easier for sales executives and maximise their efficiency: incentives, sales follow-up, remote support, pre-sales, bid support, bid management analysis, etc.


Project offices for the management and monitoring of said projects. Company, business, technical etc. Proven experience in the management of projects in large corporations, both in-house and as the face of the company to the end customer, with very good satisfaction metrics (NPS). Leadership or support in transformational processes.

Cost efficiency and reduction projects

Design of cost reduction projects, especially in complex, dispersed and difficult-to-manage processes. We have undertaken an array of cost reduction projects covering areas such as leases, energy consumption, transmission lines, bandwidth efficiency, maintenance, and so on. Flexible business models with risks shared with the customer.