Acquisition and legalisation

Acquisition of locations for the installation of telecoms equipment, legalisation of these and other existing sites, and relations with owners of existing sites.

Acquisition and legalisation

The best sites for the best coverage

The end user is looking for excellence in communications, so a good site can make the difference between a satisfied customer and an unsatisfied customer.

Each new site linked to the network involves a far-reaching search of candidates before making the decision to implement the project and then integrate the site into the network. So that Operators can assess and decide on the most appropriate candidate, Arca takes care of preparing technical reports that include relevant aspects on radio spectrum, transmission, legalisation and the works required to install the infrastructure.

From there, we proceed to lease the spaces chosen by the telecommunication companies to install telecommunication equipment, both for fixed and mobile networks.

As for the works, Arca also manages all necessary licences: application, follow-up and delivery of all licences and permits (whether municipal, provincial or national) required to undertake the installation. During the works and until the commissioning of the installation, Arca liaises with the owners and resolves any incident which may arise.

As for existing sites, Arca takes care of renegotiating lease agreements, signing any amendment annexes required by the telecommunication companies, and liaising with the owners, when necessary. We also perform audits of contractual and/or legal records, regularisation, etc.

In telecoms, the future is today.

Acquisition of sites

Search for candidates, SAR reporting with technical analysis (RF/TX/Legal/Construction), negotiation and signing of leases, coordination of technical reviews, and liaison with owners until commissioning.

Legalisation of sites

Processing, follow-up and delivery of permits and licences (whether municipal, regional or national). Legal feasibility report of candidates. Audit on the legal status of sites, liaison with public authorities and regularisation of existing sites.

Sharing / Friendlies management

Sharing management with other telecommunication companies. Application, follow-up and signing of individual agreements. Negotiation and delivery of new framework agreements. Management of access to friendly sites.

Incident response

Resolution of conflicts with the owners: invoicing issues, contractual queries, on-site incidents, etc.

Right of way permits

Management of right of way services with affected parties: fibre channelling, connections, groundings, etc.

Access management

Management of access to sites, update of access protocol, collection and copying of new keys, etc.


Renegotiation of leases: expiry, accrual suspension, sublease and transfer, extension of term, termination of contract, updating of income (reduction of Opex), change of ownership, change of technology and signature of annexes.


Documented audits on network status:
• Contractual. Site Leases agreements and annexes, income, maturities, deposits, general costs and documentation.
• Legal. Status of files, licences, fees etc.